Which Blush Shade should I get?

The vast amounts of blush shades are there to suit all skin types such as; Fair, Medium, Olive, Medium Dark and Dark. Whilst, all makeup is down to which ever shade you think looks good and gives you confidence. Picking a shade can be very difficult, therefore this is a guideline to show which blush shades, typically suit different skin shades.

Once you know your perfect blush shades, make sure are know where to apply it depending on your face shape.

Best Blush For Fair to Light Skin Tones


The paler shades, typically pale pink, are always going to be flattering as they will look the most natural and blend the best. On fair and lighter skin tones, any colour on the face will become heavily pigments, therefore lighter shade typically works best.

Recommended  Products:

Best Blush For Light Tanned to Medium Skin Tones


The peachier blushes or apricot tones will work well in enhancing the warmth and adding a subtle colour.

Recommended  Products:



Best Blush For Olive Skin Tones

Corals and Beige shades will compliment the skin tone adding brightness face and creating a healthy glow on the skin.

Recommended Blushes:

Best Blush For Light/Medium Dark Skin Tones



Medium pinks and Raspberry tones will create light pops of colour which will add to the skin brightness. However, as they are brighter colours, a highly light application is recommended.

Recommended Blushes:

Best Blush For Dark Skin Tones


Deeper colour, especially bronzed and red, will work well to compliment the darker skin tones and will blend in perfectly.



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