The Best Blush for your Face Shape

As with all makeup, the application changes for each face shape. This is a simple guide as to where to apply the blusher for; Round, Heart, Oval, Triangle, Long and Square face shapes. 

Where to place blusher for each Face Shape:

Round Faces:

Keep strokes upwards with denser colour on the apple of cheek fading outwards to stretch the face outwards. Additionally, place the smallest amount on the chin to create the illusion of a longer face.

Heart Faces:

Create a ‘C’ shape with the blusher and diffuse it towards the temple, to soften the edges of the face. The application needs to be well blended and lightly applied as it is not on only on the cheeks.

Oval Faces:

Apply only on the apples of your cheeks and aim to apply more towards highest points of the cheekbone to help add to the definition of the face.

Triangular Faces:

Create a ‘V’ shape with the blush and blend up from the cheekbones extending even lightly up on the forehead to help balance the width of the forehead.

Long Faces:

Highly blend across the whole of the cheeks to add in the colour and depth to the different parts of the cheeks.

Square Faces:

To help define your cheeks bones apply blush slightly below them and within the hairline to add definition and soften the edges of the face.




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