How To Touch Up Make-Up on the Go

Touching up your makeup on the go can be hard. Even the best setting spray, primer and long-lasting makeup can still need a touch-up. Here’s how  I achieve my perfect touch up every time

  • Firstly removal of any oil on the skin is needed – use blotting paper to lightly dab away excess oil without moving the makeup too much.
    • By actually removing the oil, you’ll prevent breakouts, rather than just adding more powder, which will cultivate more bacteria on your skin.
  • Using concealer cover up any pesky blemishes. Apply with a small dense brush then use it to buff out the concealer.
  • The same brush can be used to get rid of any creasing under the eye. If necessary add small amounts of concealer under the eyes using the dotting technique.
  • With a large powder brush, powder your  T- zone, upper lip and chin.
  • Return to the smaller brush to blend and buff out your nose, cupids bow and around your eyebrows.
  • Re-apply and touch up any eyebrow or eye shadow you deem necessary.
  • Check your waterline eyeliner, add a little if needed.
  • Finish off your eyes by adding mascara to the tips of your lashes, if necessary.
    • Mascara is really durable and once set should be the bit that lasts, however, sometimes reapplying powder can dull the finish. If you apply too much at this stage things will get claggy so add light layers.
  • Using a lighter bronzer and blush than the original colours go over these areas. Apply sparingly as these products you can also layer up.
  • Lastly, top up your lips with your original lip colour or even apply a clear lip balm if your darker lip colour has faded to a shade which still works with the rest of your look.


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