Candles on a budget

While I am truly in love with a good candle, my bank balance cannot afford multiple Joe Malones to be lying around the house.  Therefore, a recent trip to Homesense, helped me find numerous alternatives that I am more than content with.

Candels 2.JPG

Tilly Parker – Warm Sunset – £5.99

Lychee and Ylang are balanced with Jasmine and Violet while being pulled together with notes of Patchouli and Vanilla.  This subtle scent really embodies the scent of a warm sunset.

 Olivia Blake – Blackberry and Chestnut – £4.99

With an instant burst of juiciness that is mellowed out by the creaminess of the chestnut, this creates the perfect balance for warm, cosy evenings. This is by far my favourite candle purchased.

Cereria Molla – Cotton – £3.99

The perfect scent of fresh laundry that provides a relaxing soft atmosphere. This is by far the most powerfully clean fragrance that fills the air at home.

Pecksniff’s England – Jojoba and Rice Milk – £4.99

The gentle scent of Jojoba and Rice milk makes for a luxuriously soft and sweet scent.  The best part of this candle is the gorgeous copper packaging that looks overly divine and can be used even after the candle is finished.



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