Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette review

This is the best palette of 2016, which is pretty safe to say, as we are so close to the end. I would rate this as one of my all time favourite palettes, perfect for the autumn season as the colours are very warm in tone. In it, as well as your neutrals, you also have a couple of pops of colour.


The packaging is faux velvet in a beautiful lilac colour, which I absolutely adore and definitely the best-looking palette around. Velvet packaging really puts some people off as they think they will get it dirty. However, I have had mine for four months, it has needed no maintenance as it travels everywhere with me. It’s very light and thin making it the perfect palette to take, especially as it has such a unique range of shades. It also comes with a little double-ended eyeshadow brush, which is better than most you get even in high-end palettes. However, it’s still not something that I’d actually use.


This is an unusual choice of tones for ABH first permanent palette, as it is not going to be for everyone. It contains 14 shades: 11 matte shades and 3 satin shimmers. While, they are mostly matte the shimmers are not to be missed. There is a broad range of warm tones- such as reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows. This is perfect for you, if, like me, you are tired of the same, dull browns or dusky pink palettes.


With the top shades for me being the Vermieer, Primavera, Buno Fresco and Cyprus Umber.  I do still love the uniqueness of Golden Orchid, Realgar, Love Letter and the Reds. The only downfall to any of the colours is that Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange practically swatch the same, while it’s a lovely shade one would have been fine. (Which would have left space for a bronze shimmer, which is definitely missing and often leads me to pair this with my Zoeva palette.)


My reason for this being the best palette is due to the fact they are super soft, super creamy, highly pigmented eye shadows. It has a unique formula that no other palette compares to regarding how buttery they are, with such an intense pigmentation. They are very easy to blend and can create some beautiful looks. While, the product is very soft, during application, there is minimal fallout. However, when dipping in your brush, you can kick up a bit of powder, which can be slightly annoying.

If you are slightly bored when you look at your eye shadow palettes and want something that will change the game for you, then this is perfect.


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