Product Empties – Sep 2016

Finishing a product is an accomplishment, so I have been saving these up for a while. Some of the products have been absolute gems and my everyday items, others I have no clue how I have finished them as I am not a massive fan.

EP3.jpgSkincare first: Pixi Tonic Glow, Origins Mega Bright& Clinique dark spot corrector

Pixi – Tonic Glow

Now, this has been finished, I can see the immediate effects of not having this in my life and need a new one asap. After a week of not using it, my skin has begun breaking out again and is not happy. This has been a lifesaver in keeping my skin clear, and I could not recommend any higher.

Origins – Mega-Bright Dark spot correcting night mask

I weirdly get dark spots on my legs, so I have been using different products a lot to see which ones work well. This has been my favourite one by far and has drastically reduced them. However, next time I may go for the serum instead of the night mask.

Clinique – Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

I am not even sure how I finished this product, think the packaging must be deceiving the amount of product that is actually in there. What I can say is this product I useless and did nothing for me. When I went into the store to ask the lady, she told me you have to use it every day for 8 weeks, and if you miss one day it won’t work…. That sounds wrong to me and is definitely not my cup of tea.

EP2.jpgMakeup: Clinique Mascara, Maybelline eye eraser, Nars Concealer, Barry M Matte Lip Crayon, Essence lip pencils

Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara

This was fantastic to start off with. However, it quickly dried out. It was a very natural looking mascara, it also comes off in tubes, so it is easier to come off. I probably would not buy this again.

Maybelline eye eraser

This product is a life saver, and I have already brought my replacement. This is a crucial item in my make-up bag as it truly matches my skin tone.  I could not be more happy with this product.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

This is a great thick creamy concealer that is perfect for covering blemishes and highlighting the face. The product was a durable and staple item to have. Read More…

Barry M Matte Me Up

I love this lip crayon, and this has been my go to everyday lip product, which you can easily put in your handbag. This is a perfect item, and I have not been happier with a product in a while.

Essence Long Lasting Lip Liner

I love this lip liner it goes perfectly with the Barry M and any natural lip colours. This was an amazingly affordable product that was easy to use and highly pigmented.


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