Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb Review

Relax and chill in the bath using the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb from Lush and the No7 Purifying Mask. Which I got in my Lush Haul and you can check out my first reaction here.


The Lush Bath Bomb was only £3.35, which was worth how relaxing I found this bath. After using this bath bomb, my skin felt really soft all day. While the bath bomb was really relaxing, it was also very cleansing on the skin. The Bath Bomb leaves the water a lovely pastel pink, even though the top part of the bath bomb has bluish-purple tones.


Primary Scents:


Ylang Ylang Oil

Clary Sage Oil

The petals were the only downfall of this product. While they looked pretty in the bath, there wasn’t enough. They were also a weird soap texture, which felt strange in the water, and I ended up taking them all out. Which wasn’t that hard as there weren’t many of them. It would have been perfect if they had used dried petals instead.


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