Daydream WaterColour Temporary Tattoos Product Reviews

I am really lucky to get this opportunity to work with Glimmer in testing their temporary Tattoo Range. They have two types featuring a metallic range and a watercolour range. Many people have been rocking the metallic tattoo over the summer especially for the festival season. However, I have not seen temporary watercolor tattoos before. The design pack I choose was ‘Daydream,’ which has a mixture of pain watercolors and some watercolour with black fine liner drawings.

These delicate, dreamy, romantic watercolour tattoos … look like they have been hand – painted onto your skin”.


I absolutely love the look of tattoos, but I also don’t want something on my body for the rest of my life, which is why these tattoos are perfect. They last around 3-4 days depending on how well you look after it (but you can remove it at any point)

The packaging is beautiful and straightforward. For £11.99 you gain two sheets of temporary tattoo (around 30 different tattoos), which is a bargain compared to many places. The tattoos are nice spaced apart so you can easily get to them and everything is really straightforward and easy to apply.

I have quite sensitive skin, especially when it comes to paints and temporary tattoos. These worked completely fine for me (this may not mean the same for you).

I am so happy with this product and I recommend that everyone goes and checks this product out at Glim Glam.



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